Secure Credit Card processing (PCI Compliance)

iHotelligence is a fully certified PCI compliant software for Hotels (PCI = Payment Card Industry)

Banks are currently targeting hotels to ensure that they do not store customer credit card data at their hotels and if they do that it is securely stored and encrypted. If hotels are not in compliance they will not receive payment in the event of ‘any’ card fraud and may also incur huge fines if there is a fraud which has deemed to originate from data obtained from the hotel.

iHotel solves the PCI compliance headache for hoteliers very simply. Our software is integrated with Verifone Payware. No credit card data is ever stored in our software. Card details entered are automatically verified, encrypted and sent to the payment processor via broadband where the card information is stored until it is required on no show, check out etc…

Check-out is much quicker and easier as all transactions are processed automatically from iHotel via broadband.