Hotel Management Software


We understand that Hotels today:

  • Find it difficult to easily manage the numerous distribution channels which exist .
  • Are paying more commissions than they should be to OTA’s and other sources of online reservations.
  • Do not have a seamlessly integrated CRM, PMS, which makes it difficult to create and track marketing opportunities and upsell to guests in advance of arrival.
  • Have insufficient software to allow them easily manage Conferences, Weddings & Events.
  • Have complex PMS systems which are expensive to purchase, maintain and ensure staff are trained appropriately.

We are also aware that Hotels:

  • Find it difficult to easily and accurately segment and forecast.
  • Do not have simplicity, flexibility and full control of their reporting requirements
  • Do not have future proof systems which are strong on flexibility and integration and give hotels options on cloud computing, training via eLearning and automated offsite backup of data.
  • Do not store credit card details in accordance with banking and legal requirements (PCI Compliance).
  • Do not have a satisfactory level of support for their Management Information Systems


In conjunction with leading Hoteliers iHotelligence have developed a solution which can help:


Improve Sales

  • Immediate response to changing market conditions
  • Demand awareness through Business Intelligence
  • Upselling and reselling through improved connectivity
  • Connect to your market through new channels

Reduce Costs

  • Significantly reduce commissions
  • No up-front license costs
  • Simple fixed monthly charge per room
  • Significantly lower support, installation and training costs

Eliminate inefficiency

  • Reduces administration and manual inputs
  • Automates rate and room inventory updates
  • Automates  and improves marketing campaigns
  • Eliminates manual updating of OTAs
  • Automates updating of received reservations
  • Eliminates re-keying of customer data