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502, 2020

NEW INTEGRATION ALERT – iHotelligence and OpenKey

February 5th, 2020|News|

  We are delighted to announce that our system, iHotelligence now fully integrates with OpenKey Technology. Some benefits of this new integration include: Cut down your guests wait time as their key will be sent directly to their phone. Cut down on cost to your property as key card orders [...]

701, 2020

Reviews – How Important Are They To Your Property?

January 7th, 2020|News|

Every property wants feedback into how their guests enjoyed their stay.  But how important do you think reviews really are to potential guests when choosing a destination?  According to research done by TripAdvisor: Over 96% of guests consider reading reviews important when planning trips or booking a property. 79% will [...]

412, 2019

5 Tips To Help Manage Your Cancellations and No-Shows

December 4th, 2019|News|

Have a clear cancellation policy set out. Ensure the guest is aware at all stages of the booking process what the cancellation terms and conditions are.  Have a specific date by which they can cancel by so it is clear cut for your guest.  Ensure that during every correspondence with [...]

910, 2019

How Important is a Good CRM System To You?

October 9th, 2019|News|

A good CRM system is something that is a necessity in any property – any business really, but especially in the hospitality sector.  With a good CRM system, not only can you manage your guests’ requirements, but you can ensure you never miss an opportunity to provide your guests with [...]

2309, 2019

New Integration Alert – Airbnb

September 23rd, 2019|News|

We are delighted to announce that we are now offering full 2 way integration with the ever growing online booking platform Airbnb. With this new integration you will now be able to automatically update your rates and availability on Airbnb direct from the iHotelligence system, just like you do with [...]