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Posted in News on Monday, June 12, 2017

Learn how iHotelligence can benefit your business.

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10 Tips For A Haunting Halloween Hotel!

Posted in News on Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Halloween is next month so take a few ideas from the following list and let the people know what you have to offer. Your hotel doesn’t have to be haunted. You don’t have to hold a giant Halloween party or turn your hotel in to a tower of terror. If you can, excellent! If not, there are some smaller, budget friendly suggestions to get you going.


There are people of every age that love Halloween. It’s a reason to party and have fun, dress up and be silly, be it with their friends or kids. Some simple changes and your hotel could draw in more customers based on the fact it’s Halloween.

  1. Halloween Hooch! - Something as simple as creating a spooky themed cocktail menu can go down well. Have your bar staff come up with some inventive Halloween concoctions and magical potions to put on special.
  2. Murder MysteryThere are companies that can help you conduct a whole murder mystery for as many people as you want to be involved and they’re great fun! Send out a mailshot to any guests who are staying with you on a particular night and ask do they want to sign up!
  3. Keeping It Local - If there are any big events happening near the hotel like ghost tours, zombie runs, Halloween shows etc tie in with event organisers and offer a special rate for those attending.
  4. Let’s Go To The Movies - Set up a projector in part of your hotel, the bar, lobby/reception area or a relaxed dining area. Show some Halloween movies throughout the day in the background. Or go all out and hold movie nights complete with popcorn and snacks. Hotel themed movies could work too! We’re thinking Rocky Horror, The Shining, Twin Peaks.. Or if we’re going more child friendly; Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Casper, Harry Potter… (more…)

Top 10 Things Stolen From Hotel Rooms

Posted in News on Wednesday, September 2, 2015

mini bar


Suuuuure, that spoon and matching knife and fork set just happened to fall in to your bag…twice.


Most hotels have started providing cheaply made or throw-away slippers because so many were stolen!

Mini Bar Products

As I’m sure you can imagine, there are some crafty guests out there! Finding your way around not paying for mini bar booze or chocolate is like a mission the hotel has set you and you must accept this mission! Not removing the bottles and somehow drinking that miniature vodka with a straw seems like a great way to complete that challenge. These hotels have your credit card details by the way…

Linen and Curtains

Curtains? Really! Who goes in to a hotel with a bag big and empty enough to steal a set of curtains? Darling we need a new bed spread, best book a night away!

Towel Art


We can totally accept that the rare few accidentally mix their own towels up with hotel towels after a long stay away. But when the hotel provides own branded luxurious white fluffy clouds to dry yourself with and they mysteriously disappear… What are they supposed to make their fantastic towel art from now?

Clothes Hangers

Another one that the hotels have definitely copped on to. A lot of hotels will have non removable hangers that are stuck in and run along a rail.

Tea, Coffee and UHT Milk

I’m sure you have nicer milk at home in the fridge. Deny it all you want sir but that bin is suspiciously empty, unless you also drank the packaging too?

Light Bulbs and Batteries 

Something you just don’t want to buy in the local shop. Oh the worries of spending a fiver on some batteries for the remote control. They’ve only been wasting for 6 months. Getting up to switch the TV is proving too much effort. Must book a night away and add batteries to the list with the bed linen. I’ll repeat again… these guys have your credit card on file.

Do-Not-Disturb Signs

Ok so these more than likely were stolen from the front  door by your drunk hotel neighbour for a laugh so you would indeed be disturbed. But they cost money to be made and printed, it’s still theft!

Everything From The Bathroom

Shower gel, shampoo, soap, shower caps, the hair dryer that you somehow detached from the wall. Some hotels have started putting grooming products in bigger dispensers that are stuck to walls/sinks. Other hotels purposely write in a welcome note that the toiletries are up for grabs.

Just don’t have a Ross Gellar moment and burst your suitcase in the reception.


Help in Housekeeping…

Posted in News on Thursday, July 16, 2015

Whether you’re part of a chain, a small quaint hotel with minimal extras in your rooms or a large 5* luxurious country manor one thing is for sure, your guests want a clean room.
No guest wants to find mould in the bathroom or grubby taps and sinks. Nobody wants to find yellowing net curtains or mirrors painted with hand prints.
Make sure your housekeeping team are on top of it and working efficiently, you don’t want angry guests waiting for their room that has yet to be cleaned past their agreed check in time.



  1. Think about our last blog post and try keep your sprays and other cleaning products as environmentally friendly as possible. (more…)

Making Your Hotel Eco-Frendly…

Posted in News on Wednesday, June 24, 2015

GreenHotelDownload our tips and tricks guide on how to make your hotel that little bit more environmentally friendly.
If you have the means and budget to add some solar panels and implement a water recycling scheme, that’s great news!
But our short guide is just to point you in the right direction of helping your employees and guests be more aware of keeping your premises clean, green and eco-friendly.

Read our guide here!