iHotel Connect

iHotel Connect brings your product to the global on-line Market Place.

With the consumers demand for instant access to your Rates and Availability, can your business really afford not to provide instant access to real- time Room and Rate Availability?

iHotel Connect offers you a fully Integrated and individually designed Commission free On-Line Booking Engine which will add live Availability and your Best Available Rates to your website. All bookings will be instantly entered directly to the PMS and can be confirmed to the client by HTML email without the need for any employee intervention 24 hours per day.


iHotel Connect offers you Access and Integration with your favourite OTA’s ( we currently connect with all of the World’s most popular OTA’s) allowing for the instant updating of appropriate Room and Rate Availability to each OTA and the automatic entry of all Reservations, Guest & Payment Details directly to your PMS. No more wasteful manual data entry allowing more time for the important task of Rate Management.

iHotel Connect also offers the seamless integration with the global GDS system, connecting your business with over 100,000 travel agencies worldwide.

iHotel Connect also offers our iHotel Rate Checker , each day this invaluable management assistant will check your chosen competitor rates ( you can choose up to six competing or reference properties) by room type across all internet channels for the next 365 days and report the findings to you on a daily basis. Rate Management will never be easy, but iHotel Rate Checker will certainly help.

iHotel Connect understands that Rate Management is a complex and often daunting task, however our Rate Grid allows for the management and manipulation of all on-line rates by all room types on a day / date basis for the following 365 days from one single screen and utilises a colour coded graphic display for ease of use and comparison.