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Having CRM fully embedded within your PMS ensures that all customer contact information and guest history remain up to date.  Upselling pre-arrival is an opportunity not to be missed.

All guest contact details are captured whether the enquiry/ reservation is made direct or on-line via Website, OTA’s or GDS.  Our system captures all your guests details irrespective of who made the booking.

Our anti duplication and bespoke management of mandatory fields within the enquiry ensure that you always have the correct details on file.

Having the CRM within the PMS allows for the immediate confirmation of bookings by HTML email either automatically or by prompt.

Similarly, it is simple to send a targeted and personalised email to any of your clients.

Guest bills can be emailed automatically on check out.  Guest satisfaction surveys, special offers or other appropriate marketing information can be emailed without leaving the PMS.

There is no longer any reason why your valuable Guest contact details should be stored or managed in separate systems.  This allows for quicker and more accurate Sales and Marketing activity and enhanced customer satisfaction.