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iHotelligence: Making Hotels more profitable

iHotelligence was founded in 2012.  Since it’s creation we have developed a ground-breaking global Property Management System. Our product is unique in that it is based on the Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud distribution model but can be hosted on premise or in the “cloud”.

Keith Slowey, Founder & CEO, “ after many years of looking for a PMS solution which was easy to learn and use, genuinely increased efficiency within the hotel and not outrageously priced I gave up. I decided to hire a team of software developers and along with my many friends and colleagues in the hotel industry began to design a Hotel Management Solution which ticks all of the boxes.”

iHotelligence products were designed by hoteliers for hoteliers. Most of the employees at iHotelligence come from a hotel background, we understand your business.

iHotelligence is a scalable, flexible and reliable integrated Hotel Management solution for Hotels, incorporating, PMS, Integrated Booking Engine and Channel Management, CRM, Rate & Yield Management, BI and reporting functionality and finance suite.  The system helps you improve sales, reduce costs and eliminate inefficiency.