We are smack bang in the middle of lockdown number 3 but there is light at the end of the tunnel.  With vaccines beginning to be rolled out, I think we can all see just about see an end in sight.  Albeit there are still a few months to go but this is the perfect time to be preparing for what your property is going to look like post lockdown.  What measures are you putting in place to ensure your customers and your staff are feeling as safe as possible, without it having an impact on their stay or their jobs?

Here at iHotelligence, we have been working on some projects that we have launched over the last 12 months to move with the needs of the times.  Below are some of these innovative solutions that could help you work towards a more contactless operation whilst still keeping the vision of the customers experience in mind.

Pre-Stay email with Check in and Payment Link

We have spoken about our Guest App before, but it is definitely worth a little reminder.  We have the capability to streamline your entire guest process.  From the moment they book on your website to the moment they check in; we can ensure that the customer has the ability to manage this all from their own phone.  Once their reservation has been made, we can programme an automated email to go to the guest the morning of their arrival with a link which allows them to go through the registration process, the check in process and the payment process, all before the arrive at your property.  This means that the only thing left to do is to pick up the key at Front Desk (unless you are interested in an integrated key lock system which would allow the room key to be delivered to their phone!)

Online Order at Table

There are so many touchpoints when you enter a restaurant or a bar or a bedroom of a hotel.  This is something that everyone is going to have to try and reduce once normality has resumed.  During Lockdown No. 1, we saw this problem and pivoted our roadmap and can say now that we proudly offer a fantastic Online Ordering Platform that can be used for Dine In and Room Service offers.  With our system, your customer can access your menu on their phone once they sit down at their table or arrive in their bedroom.  With QR and Wi-Fi Captive Portal capabilities it is as easy as you handing them a menu direct.  They then make their order, put in their table number or room number if it is a room service delivery and pay direct on their phone.  Your team are still a presence in the bar or restaurant to cater to your guests requirements but with our system, you remove the need for physical menus, paper and pens, guest directories in bedrooms and much more.  With this platform you can keep both your guests and your staff safe whilst ensuring their experience is not altered.

These are only 2 options in a multitude of helpful changes we can bring to your property.  Our team are working tirelessly around the clock to help all our current customers and all of our future customers out there that we have not met yet to implement safe changes whilst still maintain the brand and heart of the property.

Any questions on the above products please contact our Sales Team on sales@ihotelligence.com or 01-2811960.

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