There have been a lot of changes to our ‘normal’ lives this year. Both personal and business.  Physical stores on lockdown and a lot of people having to move their business online.  Because of this Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020 are going to be even more of a high demand purchase date than ever before.

Have you got your online deals ready?  This is the prime opportunity for you to be getting your customers, both old and new, to be spending with you. With high levels of restrictions, if not full lockdown potentially still being in place in both Ireland and the UK during this weekend of deals, it is of more importance now than ever before to put your best foot forward and get your customers buying from you.

Whether it is special online deals for overnight stays, dinners in your restaurant or just general gift voucher offers.  This is your time to shine.  There has been a significant increase in online spending since the initial lockdown period according to Bank of Ireland, but the hospitality industry has not been getting it’s piece of the pie with the sectors spend declining.  Now is the time to give people deals they cannot resist.

  • Make sure that your content is up to date.  You are selling an experience for your customers, rather than just an overnight stay or a dinner for 2.
  • Entice people with what makes you special, how do you stand out from the crowd. We all want to be spoilt after all that has gone on in 2020 and we know that all our customers and those of you who are not our customers, have all the tools in your arsenal to showcase how to make your business irresistible.
  • As we have mentioned before in our previous blog regarding Content, it is so important to make sure your message matches your brand and that your marketing efforts are created with your customer in mind – both return customer and potentially a new customers you are trying to entice.

There is still time to get these deals ready if you have not done so yet, so don’t delay!

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