So, yet another blow to the hospitality industry.  Hotels, B&Bs Guesthouses, Bars, Cafes and Restaurants really have felt the brunt of the restrictions that have come because of the COVID pandemic.  This 6-week period is going to be tough but opening up just in time for the December rush of Christmas seems like an opportunity waiting to be taken.

After another bout of lockdown, or Lockdown 2.0 as it is being hailed, people are going to want to get away from their own 4 walls and back out into society.  Now is the perfect time to launch any December Deals that you have up your sleeve.  Whether they include overnight rates and packages or just dining options, have these irresistible deals splashed all over your website and social media with clear Call To Action, enticing your future customers to book in advance.  I know the team here are all looking forward to having a plan in the diary for December in order to try regain as much of the Christmas spirit as we can.

Something to keep an eye on is your marketing plan.  Ensure you are marketing to the correct audience.  With the likelihood of restrictions still being in place in December, make sure you are hitting your county and pay attention to your demographics.  These may have changed over the last 7 months.  People who may not have normally stayed or dined with you, could have become new customers due to county to county restrictions.  Monitor your Google Analytics account to find out this information and ensure you are hitting the right marketing points.

It is important to keep the tone and the message positive on all brand postings. Having a positive yet informative voice on your website and any communication will go a long way to giving your customers an enjoyable and memorable experience when they do return.  Information is key to put peoples mind at ease and anecdotally, it seems that people will be a lot quicker to return to overnight stays and restaurant dining’s than when we came out of previous lockdown with the knowledge of all the hard work you and your teams put into ensuring their safety up until this point.

And finally, Gift Vouchers.  If you are not offering Gift Vouchers, this is a great way to keep revenue on the books and ensure a returning customer.  If you are already offering Gift Vouchers, make sure you are shouting from the rooftops about it.  Have a look at your times on social media where you get most views and interactions and schedule posts around this, with all the information your customers need on how are where to purchase a Gift Voucher from you.