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Content – It’s what’s on the inside that counts!

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What people are looking for right now is information.  Having to stay a lot closer to home this year, we are doing a lot more research before choosing our staycation venue.  This is where your content comes into play. High-quality content leads to increased search rankings which leads to higher organic website traffic! Here are a few tips regarding this area that we have been chatting to our customers about:

  • As detailed by marketing company, HubSpot, make sure you audit your content on a regular basis.  Ensure that the information you have on your site is trustworthy and up to date.  Auditing the website with Google SERP in mind is one thing but it is also important to audit the page from a customers point of view.  You need to ensure that after all your hard work on building on your SEO through keyword placement, back-links, monitoring your website visitors etc, that you do not lose the customer once they land on your homepage.
  • Look at your website layout.  Do you have too much information on your homepage?  Are your page titles self-explanatory? The less clicks your customer has to make, the better for their journey.  Do you have your COVID information readily available for your customers?  This information needs to be on your homepage to show what you, as a venue are doing to help protect your customers and staff.  This will instill faith and security into any potential customers viewing your page. According to Netaffinity,  the wording of your COVID message can also be very important.  Do not make it too sterile.  Ensure it fits in with the tone of your website.
  • Are you keeping up to date with your blogs and social media account? Duct Tape Marketing clarify how important social media presence is and how it is something that is necessary to all businesses these days.  With everyone being so switched on and mobile ready, your property needs to be present on the relevant platforms.  It is a chance to capture a wider audience that may not necessarily search you in Google.  Ensure that your tone matches both your website but also follows the style on the particular social media platform you are on.
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