Now Is The Time to Prepare

I don’t think anyone thought that businesses would be coming into a summer such as the one we are facing. Every business, no matter what sector you are in, has seen such unprecedented change over the last 10-12 weeks, it will be something we all look back on in years to come and say – Remember the summer of 2020 – and hopefully for all of us we will be able to pat ourselves on the back and look at how we all adapted to these uncertain times.
Whether it’s learning to work from home or looking at your business and seeing which path to take now that was not planned before.

I know our team here in iHotelligence and Slowey Systems have moved along with the changes in circumstances. Support and software development teams are been run as normal, just from our individual homes. Our development team has taken this time to speed up work on ideas that have been on our to-do list, giving us some great new functions and features to go to our existing clients with but also to widen our net and start up conversations with some potential new clients. This is the time for everyone to be looking at their costs and deciding, are the systems been used as cost-effective as possible. Are there more savings I could be making?

In the Hospitality sector, the next 12 months are going to be uncharted waters and we are working away in the background here to make sure that we have solutions for you to be able to open your property, be it your hotel, bar, or restaurant right on schedule and in line with the Government directive.
Now is the time to prepare yourself for the new normal that is coming, and we are here to help every step of the way.
Contact our team on 01-2811960 or email to discuss any queries you might have on your opening up procedure and what technology we have to assist you on this journey.

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