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How To Increase In House Spend and Improve Your Customers Experience

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How To Increase In House Spend and Improve Your Customers Experience

How to increase in house spend and improve your customer experience. Getting your customer to go onto your website and book into your hotel is no easy feat.  Once they have done this however, your job does not stop there.  How can you look to increase your customer’s total spend?  How can you encourage your guests to spend more inside the property instead of spending their money elsewhere?

A great way to do this is to remind your guests what fantastic facilities you have available to them.  They will have already done research into your property before making their reservation through different channels, apps, etc but it is important to remind people of what you can provide throughout their stay.   What special offers they can avail of whilst staying with you.  If there is any entertainment in the bar while they are staying?  Do you have facilities for children to encourage parents to spend a couple of hours relaxing in the spa or having a quiet bite to eat in your bar while the children are enjoying their kid’s club?

The manual work behind contacting each guest before their arrival date would be too cumbersome for a lot of properties and that is why we have come up with a fantastic tool that allows the iHotelligence system to do all the hard work for you.  With our Pre and Post Stay Email Application, you can set up numerous email templates with specific rules on who to send them to and when, and the system will do this automatically for you.  These emails can include restaurant information for people that only booked B&B.  They can include special offers in the spa for people that are in for multi-night stays.  It can include anything you want and with the automation setup, your team does not have to worry about missing an upselling opportunity anymore.

It can also be set used to contact people while they are in house if there is entertainment on in the bar on a particular evening, so they don’t miss out.  We all can attest to how often we check our emails on our mobile devices, so don’t miss the opportunity to avail of this connection with your guests.  With this encouragement, you can sway someone’s decision to have their dinner in the bar instead of going elsewhere.

It is important to note that to a consumer, there is a fine line between a company being informative over email and becoming ‘spammy’ so ensure that the information you are giving your guests is of value to them and can improve their experience with you.  Nowadays the experience is a lot more valuable to customers than just the hotel stays so make sure you are showing your future and current guests how you can improve their customer experience.

Now you know that this wonderful tool is available, what are you going to do?

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