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How Important is a Good CRM System To You?

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How Important is a Good CRM System To You?

A good CRM system is something that is a necessity in any property – any business really, but especially in the hospitality sector.  With a good CRM system, not only can you manage your guests’ requirements, but you can ensure you never miss an opportunity to provide your guests with the best possible package, bedroom or stay for them.

Built into our iHotelligence PMS System we have a fully equipped CRM system that allows you to track your guests’ preferences and booking habits enabling you to go the extra mile at all times.  With our system you can easily search for a guest’s profile and within that profile, delve into their booking history i.e. how many times they have stayed with you, what bedroom they have stayed in, what rate and package they have booked.  Not only that but you can track special occasions, birthdays or anniversaries or even more importantly, any guest allergies or preferences that staff would need to be aware of for all visits.

Any special occasions or guest notifications can be viewed in a pop-up box that shows each time the reservation is viewed.  With this function, your Front of House team can ensure they never miss an opportunity to wish a guest Happy Birthday or bring attention to a special occasion.  It is little things like this that make a guest stay more memorable and also shows them that their special occasions are your special occasions.

With our integration into Mailchimp you can be sure that all GDPR processes are followed and ensures your compliance when marketing to your customers both past and future.

For more information on this feature and many more that our iHotelligence PMS provides, contact our Sales Team on sales@ihotelligence.com or call our office on 01-2811960

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