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4 Ways to Improve Upselling from your EPoS

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4 Ways to Improve Upselling from your EPoS

Every company wants to increase its profit YOY – this is the basic rule of business.  But how do we encourage our customers to buy that little bit extra that will add value to their meal, or their experience with us?  Here are a few ideas that we have seen work through our 30+ years of experience in the EPoS business.

Point of Sale

For a quick service environment, placement of your most popular quick grab items or convenience foods at the till is a great way to encourage your customers to add to their purchase last minute.  Be it a sweet treat for after their meal or a beverage to take with them as they go – these are items that the customer did not know they needed until they see them right under their nose.

Meal Deals

When a customer is already in the mind frame to buy a certain item and you, the business, offer them an additional item for only a fraction of what it would normally cost, this incentivizes the customer to add items to their purchase that they may not have been intending to buy.  This kind of upselling is prevalent in most food service establishments, quick service, fast food, cafes, cinemas…. you name it!

Handheld Devices

Having handheld devices on your restaurant/bar floor can bring many advantages to the businesses.  One of them is the ability for your staff to upsell on the go.  If your staff is taking an order from a customer on a handheld device, they have the ability to upsell a certain wine on the go, through a pop-up notification on the device itself to prompt them, or similarly to upsell a starter or dessert if the customer has just ordered a main course.  With the device in hand, the staff member does not need to go back to the till, look at the promotions and then go back down to the customer to offer the promotions – it is all done seamlessly with the result being an increase in TTV.  Giving these handheld devices to your most outgoing members of staff can have huge monetary results.

Don’t oversell

Finally, and probably the most important of them all is don’t oversell.  At the end of the day, the upsell has to be beneficial for your customer and if they do not want to go with your recommendation, do not force it.  This will lead to your customer being annoyed and potentially losing the entire sale.  There is a fine line between upselling and overselling, make sure you stay on the right side of it!

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