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Housekeeping At Your Fingertips……

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Housekeeping At Your Fingertips……

Everything you need these days in at your fingertips.  Whether it is booking a hotel stay, booking and checking in for a flight, or ordering your dinner to your doorstep.  Everything is so accessible and making our lives a lot easier and a lot more fast-paced.  So why should our day to day jobs be any different?

Here at iHotelligence, we have developed an application that will give your housekeeping team the ability to save time and increase productivity by changing one simple thing.  Integrated with our PMS is our Housekeeping App which connects from the PMS system to an IOS device.  This app will give your housekeepers the ability to update room status from the click of a button on their device.  No more printing out housekeeping reports.  No more back and forward to the Front Desk to check on late departures or early arrivals.  This 2-way integration allows both Housekeeping and Front Desk to update the system in real-time, leaving both departments free to focus time on other tasks.

Here is a snapshot of how the application looks on both the IOS Screen and the PMS dashboard.

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