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Customer Support – How Important Is This Service?

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Customer Support – How Important Is This Service?

No matter how big or small your business is, this is an integral part of your company and how successful it will be.

Support is the first port of call when one of your valued customers has an issue or needs help solving a problem.  You want this to be a safe place for them to call.  Somewhere they know they are going to be listened to and speak to someone they can trust.

Keith Slowey, the owner, and founder of iHotelligence knew that in order to build a successful business that a quality Customer Support Team had to be on top of his list.  With that in mind, Keith hired a team of dedicated Customer Support Agents who have come from the hospitality background, ensuring they understood what the customer was looking for when they called.

It is because of this mindset that we have such fantastic feedback from our customers about our Customer Support.  Our team here is known to go the extra mile to ensure our customers are happy and satisfied with our assistance.  It is important to us that our customers always get to speak to a member of the team, that they are not waiting in a queue or are not being passed from pillar to post by an automated machine.  It is the personal touch that ensures a quality service.

Along with our fantastic customer support, we have launched online webinars for our customers.  This decision was made to give our customers another platform to ask questions about certain areas of the system or to upskill new employees.  It is also a great opportunity for us to reach properties on a personal level and ensure that everyone has a voice when it comes to feedback on our system and any improvements we can make.  Being proactive is so important to us in this ever-changing industry!  That’s how we ensure we do not fall behind our competitors.

What are your thoughts on Customer Service and how important do you think it is in this day and age of AI and computerised everything!?

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