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4 Important Reasons to Invest in a Property Management System

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4 Important Reasons to Invest in a Property Management System

Having a Property Management System in place is one of the most important tools when it comes to running an effective hotel, guesthouse, or bed and breakfast.  Whether you have 10 bedrooms or 1,000 bedrooms, it is of utmost importance that your system is helping you utilize your time in the most efficient manner.

Our Property Management System, iHotelligence, can help you do this and more.


With our fully integrated PMS, Booking Engine and Channel Manager, we can save you and your colleagues a lot of time by having 2-way integration in place.  This means that you only have to update your rates and availability on one channel, iHotelligence.  With the 2-way integration, any changes you make on the iHotelligence system will automatically be uploaded to your own brand website and to your OTA’s by following the rules you have already set up.  If you get booking directly over the phone, your inventory online (on Brand and OTA’s) will automatically update to match your new availability.  And likewise, if you receive a booking through an online channel, your availability on the system will update to match.  This is all life and done in real-time so there is no room for overbookings or mismatched availability.


With our system you can push more bookings directly to your own website and away from the big commissions of the OTAs.  Our service works on a Flat Monthly Fee Model and we don’t charge any commission on bookings you receive direct.  This means that you are paying the same amount of cost each month to your service provider and not getting hit with unsuspecting commission fees.  Our Booking Engine template is designed to make the customer’s journey effortless.  We want your customer to complete their booking journey with as little clicks as possible – thus making it an easy experience for them.  The more pleasant the booking journey, the more likely they are to return direct.  We also provide your potential customers with information on why booking direct will be the most beneficial for them, be it better rates, better options on meal plans, or a loyalty scheme.  By providing them with all this information you are enabling them to make the best choice for their trip.


With a fully functioning PMS System, you will be able to track your guest’s stays and their likes and dislikes.  With iHotelligence, you can easily look back on a customer’s previous stays and what package they booked.  This could help you to create a mailing list, provided the guest has given you permission to use their email contact if you are running a special offer pertaining to a certain package or time of year.  You can also easily store guest preferences on our PMS System and this ensures that any customer-specific information i.e. allergies or room preferences or previous stay experiences can all be just a click away.  With this information, you can ensure the guest always feels like they are your no. 1 priority.


With a fully proficient PMS System, you will be able to access reports on all areas of your hotel.  With a high-quality reporting tool, you can quickly pull a report for all areas of your property.  For example, your sales are broken down into numerous different categories i.e. by region, by nationality, by room type, by rate category.  This is very useful when you are planning your strategy for upcoming seasons to see what rates work and what doesn’t.  And also, it can be great for Geo-Targeting – if you are able to track where your bookings are coming from for certain times of the year you can then specifically target these areas.  You can pull reports on your KPI’s without having to correlate numerous reports – this is all be done for you.  Your Food and Beverage Team can have access to Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner reports so they can track how many staff they need, what orders need to be made.  Each area of your property can have their significant reports sent to them on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis – whatever they desire.  This means that everyone is not being overrun with reports and you are only seeing what is relevant to you.

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