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NEW iHotelligence Connectivity Channel

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NEW iHotelligence Connectivity Channel

We here at iHotelligence are delighted to announce that we are now integrated with Ryanair Rooms.  Ryanair has conquered the aviation market and is now moving into the bedrooms and accommodation market.  With the deals that they are offering, cashback to customers when they book flights and accommodation, they are building up quite a name in this arena.  Seeing this booking platform grow in popularity we knew it would be important for our customers to have full 2-way integration with Ryanair Rooms ensuring that the receiving of bookings stayed as simple as it currently is with other major OTAs.  Any Ryanair Room booking made online will go directly into the iHotelligence system which means no additional admin for any of our customers.  If Ryanair Rooms keeps on growing and follows the same path as the airline side of the business, this integration will be a welcomed addition for all our customers.

With this 2-way integration, you will also be able to automatically update your availability and rates onto Ryanair Rooms, just like your other OTAs.  Again, this is a fantastic time-saving measure as you are updating all platforms with the click of one button!  No need for separate inventory management or rate management.  This can all be done from the one system, iHotelligence, to ensure this process is as seamless and straightforward as possible.

For more information on our fully integrated PMS System, please contact niamh@ihotelligence.com or call our sales team on 01-2811960

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