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Payment Sense Integration

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Payment Sense Integration


From working in hotels in various departments such as Food & Beverage, Front Desk, and Reservations & Sales over the last 14 years I know how important your time is to you.  When a product crops up that can not only save you time but also save you money – I know this is something to be looked at!

Payment Sense Credit Card Terminals are that product!  With the ability to fully integrate with your iHotelligence System and Slowey POS, this is fantastic news for you!  And here’s why:

  1. This will save you and your colleagues time. How do you ask?

With Payment Sense Integration when you choose credit card payment through iHotelligence and key in the amount, this will automatically go through to the PDQ machine.  Therefore, saving you the hassle of having to input the amount twice.  A lot more efficient when you are repeating this step 100+ times on a busy Sunday morning for checkouts.

  1. This will save you money. Again, how can this save us money you ask?

With Payment Sense Integration, because you only have to enter the amount to charge once (through iHotelligence) and it goes directly through to the PDQ machine, this will lead to a decrease in errors being made, incorrect amounts being input into the credit card machine, etc. When this happens, you have to process a refund which will cost you money.  It may only be a small transaction fee, but all the cents do add up to euros and with this new integration we are confident you will save the euros in abundance.

  1. Your customer’s journey will be made easier which leads to a happier guest!

By removing a step in the payment process you are automatically shortening the amount of time a customer, one of your valued guests, will have to spend at the Front Desk.  We all know that the speedier and more efficient a check-in or out is, the better the experience this leaves with your guest.  I know I appreciate an efficient process!  With that in mind, this Payment Sense Integration is only going to go on to improve your customer’s journey and leave them with a lasting good impression.

  1. An innovative Pay-at-Table solution – speeds up F&B turnaround and ensures no delay for your customers

With Payment Sense Integration, you can now utilize a tool called Pay-at-Table.  This is a feature that allows you to manage the entire bill from your PDQ machine.  As a result, your servers can print a bill and make a full payment from the credit card machine directly, without having to go near the main till.  As the credit card machines are fully integrated with your POS System, the bill will be closed off automatically on your tills.  Thus, saving time for your servers and your customer.  With this feature, you could have your best servers on the floor with a tablet to take orders and a credit card machine to print bills and take payment, all from their handheld devices. With these two innovative solutions, your table turnover is sure to increase.  Increased daily covers = Increased bottom line!  Win-Win!

This solution is inexpensive and completely hassle-free to install and integrate with iHotelligence.  The only thing left to do is give us a call!

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